Gemstone Care

Caring for your gemstones and gemstone jewelry is often simple common sense. Taking a little time to treat your stones properly can lead to years of satisfaction and delight.

Maintain their beauty by cleaning your gems

Gems, particularly those in rings, will collect dust behind the gem. Clean your gemstones with water, a soft toothbrush, and gentle soap.

Avoid wearing gems during strenuous exercise

A well-placed blow could damage the beauty of stone, so it is safest to store them while engaging in any activity where they might be subjected to high impact.

Do not handle jewelry by the stone

You don’t want to loosen a stone from the mount and take a chance of eventually losing it if the stone falls out. Store jewelry with gemstones separate from each other. Some gems are harder than others, and a hard stone can scratch a softer stone.

To help keep your new treasure in prime condition, see the detailed Gemstone Enhancement and Treatment Chart, which explains the treatments some gemstones receive and the best way to keep them dazzling today and for years to come.